Air Conditioning

We specialise in the servicing and maintenance of air conditioning systems. This is an essential service that helps to maintain and protect your unit. We offer this service to residential properties, offices, commercial businesses and many others in and throughout the UK.

We work with several types of air conditioning systems, such as:
  • Air conditioner Split and multi-split systems

  • VRV and VRF systems

  • Water chillers

  • Closed controlled equipment

  • Portable air conditioning

  • Air handling units

  • Fresh air and extraction units

We offer air conditioning and refrigeration installations to residential, commercial and industrial properties and premises.

Planned Servicing

Climate control significantly benefits businesses, ensures that your building has a constant cool airflow and keeps the environment comfortable for all inside. When air conditioners function effectively, one can easily forget to ensure that everything is working smoothly, and when they appear to operate efficiently, they often tend to ignore their systems.

However, minor problems may occur in systems when not checked, causing the machines to stop working and leading to hefty repair bills. These problems can be as little as a build-up of dust but can lead to more significant issues. So, even when they appear to be operating without any problems, it is vital to get your air conditions regularly serviced, and this is how we can help.

Your air conditioning units must be inspected on a regular basis in order to reduce the chances of the system failing or causing long-term damage. Manufacturers recommend that maintenance is carried out every 6 months. Servicing the units not only reduces the likelihood of your air conditioning units failing but also improves the efficiency with which they operate, extends the overall lifespan of your unit.

Other benefits of planned servicing
  • Reduction in running costs

  • Time saved from the sudden system failure

  • Save money on reactive callouts when the systems break down

  • Reduces impact on the environment

Air Conditioning Service